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“Music can turn your worst day into the best”!

They say it takes two to tango, but we have a combination of two musical souls who not only tango, but create fusion by mashing up songs from different genres, sending ripples across fusion lovers. We introduce to you, the sister duo of Kavya and Kriti, who are making impressive strides in pursuing their passion towards music by mixing popular Bollywood and pop songs, adding their own flavor to them!
Our Goodclap team had a brief chat with this duo and got a few interesting insights…

They are unique in their own way!

Being Vocalists and Instrumentalists at the same time, they have an added advantage of giving that subtle touch to their mash-ups. Kriti uses the bass guitar on her keys to give the sound completeness and Kavya makes her guitar percussion during live gigs. The duo even overlaps voices in many songs, compiling parts, which gives them an edge over most other solo singers! They combine Bollywood Hits with English Pop, to make a mashup on the same scale; they combine Opera Classical pieces with Retro Hindi songs too!

Journey so far in pursuing their passion

Born in a music oriented family which hails from Bikaner, Rajasthan, Kavya and Kriti were put under the tutelage of Pt. Sohan Lal Ji Mishra from the legendary “Banaras Gharaana” at a tender age of 6 years. They started their journey by receiving a diploma in Western Classical Vocals- Opera, from the prestigious AR Rahman’s KM College of Music and Technology, Chennai. Kavya has a distinction in learning Classical Guitar and Kriti in Electronic Keyboard, from Trinity College of Music, London.

Recollecting their best memories as artists

The best kick they received was when they both performed for A.R. Rahman and up from the stage, they could see him smiling, sitting amongst the audience, another accomplishment when MTV India featured their video "Tere Sang Yaara" on their official page!!

When asked about the change music can bring to this world, their thoughts were pragmatic and compelling, here’s what they had to say –

“Have you ever heard a song and found yourself moved so deeply that you are almost in tears, because it reminded you of something close to your heart? Have you ever been to a live performance that turned your worst day into your best?

Moreover, the music which you hear every day- it gradually gets into your sub-conscious mind. The kind of music that surrounds you has the capability of changing your inner thoughts. Music has the power to move us and change us! Songs like "We are the world" or "We shall overcome" are universal anthems for Liberty and Independence!”

On a lighter note, when asked about the impact different forms of appreciation create, they laughingly signed off saying -

“We feel claps are classy, elegant and a fantastic way of telling the artists that you adore their performance. Now, whistles are very very energizing and enthusiastic for an artist. But depending on the venue and the kind of atmosphere, we could do with or without it haha.! :D"

To pursue a career in music, they shifted to Mumbai an year ago. Their love for performing & singing is itself enough for fueling their passion that keeps inspiring their viewers! Music is their only source of income and they need finances to keep them going, and mesmerizing audience with their affinity towards singing.
With more than 3,00,000 cumulative hits on their social media handles and a subscriber base of around 2100, KavyaKriti are on the right path to achieve greater things! For the sister duo, music is not just an art, it is their food for thought. It’s a way to glide through the perennial stages of life!
“Goodclap wishes this stunning duo of KavyaKriti all the very best in taking their accomplishments a notch higher.”

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