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16 areas where crowdfunding works!

Crowdfunding refers to a large number of people contributing small amounts to raise money for an idea/cause/venture.
Quite frankly, anybody can start a crowdfunding campaign for any reason. There have been crowdfunding campaigns for College Education, Loan repayment, Cancer treatments, Feature Film direction etc. But, if you want to know what kind of campaigns would motivate the people to open their hearts and pockets, what kind of campaigns would have a higher chance of success, you might find this helpful.
Based on the crowdfunding arena over the last 9 years, since the advent of Kickstarter, the kind of campaigns that have higher chances of being funded can be categorized as – Arts & Creatives, Tech/Innovation, Causes/NGOs, and a few more.

Arts & Creative


Short Film/Web Series Makers
High volumes of content are being generated here. The advent of Online content has increased the creative space and the consumer base for web series/short film content. A lot of people are exploring this area to publish their idea/script.

Animation Film Makers
The technology is slowly penetrating India. As per the recent statistics , the animation industry is currently valued at 89 billion INR and is projected to reach 181 billion INR (Reference). This shows the increasing interest of audience to watch this kind of content. Crowdfunding an idea/ script in this area has a lot of potential.

Comic Makers/Graphic Novel Makers
Globally, the graphic novel culture gained a cult following since the 90s when Star Trek was released as a comic. The demand has been constant thanks to DC Comics, James Miller’s Batman and many more. India too has had a graphic novel culture since the hits like Amar Chitra Katha, Twinkle, Champak, Chacha Choudhary. The depiction of mythologies such as Mahabharata, Ramayana, the recent Menstrupedia. There is a wide consumer base for this content and if you want to turn your unique idea into a graphic novel/comic book, crowdfunding might be the place to find your supporter.

Music Albums or Single Makers ( Can be Bands and Single Artists)
The current Independent music scene in India looks very promising with notable bands and individual artists covering genres from Carnatic to Metal. Bands such as Indian Ocean, Silk Route, Them Clones, Raghu Dixit Project, Inner Sanctum, IndoSoul have a following that can make mainstream music jealous! Individual artists in the independent scene such as Phalguni Pathak, Lucky Ali have a huge following to this day. The number of people embracing the independent music has been increasing exponentially. Every band/artist has loyal fans that vouch for their music. The band’s popularity, its concept for the album and amount it can raise are directly proportional.

Dance Albums/Performances
Dancers who have ideas of making a unique dance video such as dancing near Himalayas, fusion of dance forms that was never done before, dance recital of mythologies, international collaborations might be a few ideas that could be crowdfunding.

Fashion, Accessories, Jewellery, living space designers etc. who would like to implement any out of the box ideas might find crowdfunding a viable option. One of the examples of a project could be harking back to khadi and planning to resurrect the industry with your new style in Khadi.

Painters/Graffiti With Lofty Dreams
A dream project such as capturing the beauty of Northern Light on the canvas, visiting a specific location to paint it on the canvas. There are few people who want to set up an art school in some remote place and need funds to establish the same. These are just a few examples but art inclined people out there would love to crowdfund a project

Feature Film Directors
Manthan and Lucia are examples of crowdfunded feature films. Crowdfunding is open to experienced directors or amateurs, scripts dropped by biggies or traditional production houses with dreams to make something like a Barfi or any off the beaten path script but cannot due to commercialisation of cinema, they can come here to make these unconventional scripts, especially those that have some regional ethos.

Architect oriented creatives
A design that sounds like a huge dare or so unique which might not convince regular investors, might excite the crowd to fund. Some examples could be redesign of a government school, designing a regionally important structure/monument, a design that is helpful to the differently abled.

Dance Schools/Music Academies/Art Academies
Kalakshetras (Dance academies, Music Institutes etc) across India are passionate about one thing- Spreading the teachings of the art form. Lack of funds may deter their determination to make this a reality. Given the current increase in the demand for arts, more and more people are looking to learn these art forms. There are high chances of a Crowdfunding campaign garnering support for this purpose.

Concept Restaurateurs
Someone wants to establish a Star Wars themed restaurant, a village themed restaurant, an environmental friendly restaurant. The possibilities are endless.

Tech /Innovation


Video Game Makers/Designers
There are elites who are mad of Xbox and PS, also MNCs have a gaming room for employees to relax, many novices also get addicted to video games and turn pros here. This consumer base would love to fund a unique video game idea.

Creative/Jugaad Products Makers
One of the biggest products that vent viral was Flow Hive that extracted Honey on tap directly from a Beehive which made 17380% of its goal amount. This shows that any product innovation that solves a need for communities is a hotcake. Ideas like cycling uplift machine to cut coconuts or to juice palm toddy etc.

Causes – Health, Education etc.
Nothing motivates people to open their pockets like charity and the chance to help the needy. Causes ranging from providing education to the underprivileged to cancer treatments have been crowdfunded with a huge success rate.

A lot of NGOs have been crowdfunded on websites like Ketto , Milaap , Impact guru where people identified with the cause of the NGO.

A Couple More…


Engineering College Students
Every engineering student needs to do a major project, most of them buy or do lowly projects. But some students want to build something at least a prototype of some new invention, the only thing they lack is resources or funds, if they know there is resource available somewhere they need to pay up to make use of it, that money can be crowdfunded.

Exhibition/Event Organisers
Events for causes or any specific agenda are supported too. One of the Stand-Up Comedy event that saw the who’s who of the comedy industry was crowdfunded in USA. Back home, events like Indian Music Experience at Bengaluru by Manasi was crowdfunded.

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