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You Just Need To Dream And The CROWD Will Make It True!

Have you dreamt of something and thought it would be great if it comes true?

You will read stories of two dreams here - one is about a Carnatic fusion band – IndoSoul from Chennai and the other story is about Harshini a brilliant student from Tanuku in Andhra Pradesh.

Everyone has dreams, and everyone strives hard to overcome hurdles they face in the journey of realising those dreams, in the course of this journey when they ask for help with utmost honesty - help comes in unexpected of ways! And it will be a collective win in whatever forms and sizes. Point to be noted – No dream is big or small, it’s a dream and it needs to be fulfilled.

When IndoSoul dreamt of a third album:

The band IndoSoul consisting of Karthick (Violin), Sumesh (Mridangam), Vikram (Leads), Ramkumar (Drums), Reshwin (Bass), toured the US and Canada in the September-October of 2017.

They went around playing songs of their first two albums, momentarily taking song requests from the crowd at the concerts and giving their own twist to it. While at it, they introduced the songs they dreamt of recording for their third album – 2 Sides of Karma; they started with Kuyilai Polave, a love song layered with adequate doses of violin interludes to which the audiences in the auditoriums were swaying, team IndoSoul were just elated to see this response. They followed it up with Varali’s Vice and other songs from the album.

After every concert, the audience came to the band members for autographs and photographs, and were very excited to have 2 Sides of Karma’s CDs and/or digital links for continued listening. The band was taken by surprise, because they haven’t yet scheduled the recordings or release of the album. They had played it in the tour to test the waters and see how the crowd responded, and due to IndoSoul’s ability to weave magic, the crowd were more than pleased to listen to the songs and the response was overwhelming. Few fans also came forward to produce the album - now the band’s dream to make the third album turned into a collective dream.

One of Indosoul's song for your listening

Once the band retuned to India in the mid of October after the tour, they were revisiting the response from the fans and audience. That is when Karthick Iyer got this brilliant idea to crowdfund for their third album. After much thought Karthick Iyer reached out to Goodclap – a budding crowdfunding platform. Post several discussions he zeroed in on this platform to crowdfund IndoSoul’s 2 Sides of Karma. The crowdfunding campaign went live on 3rd March 2018 and it ended on 27th May 2018, in the course of these 80 odd days with able support from Team Goodclap, the band could gather Rs. 2, 71, 000 from 100 people averaging at Rs. 2700 per contribution.

This was a welcome surprise again for the band members of IndoSoul. Looks like when the audience love something so much, they are ready to give back in leaps and bounds; it is only up to the creators to ask for help and it just comes. Well, its not just funding that IndoSoul got due this effort, they found a very able collaborator in the form of Ms. Nitya Pillai from the US who has not only contributed but also will be collaborating with the band in one of the songs from the third album. And the album will probably be out in July 2018, the recording is happening on a war footing.


That’s how the CROWD came together to make the dream of IndoSoul’s third album come true.

When Harshini wanted to complete her 10th class:

A very intelligent student Harshini from a school named Roots in Tanuku, used to be a happy go lucky child and was having a ball with both her parents. But, circumstances lead her to become a single child to a single mother. The father’s exit from their lives jolted the family and knocked them off of their safe zone. Harshini’s mother had to do something to start earning, and she started learning to be a beautician, after a while she started working as one.

All this while Harshini’s mom made sure that - come what may, her daughter’s education shouldn’t stop. For several years she has been fighting with the boomerangs life has been throwing at her. But, it has become very heavy this time around, when it came to her daughter’s 10th class education. Can say, a lull period in her fight for providing a better opportunity for her child who had scored a 468/480 in her 9th and stood first in the class.

Saritha is an old time acquaintance of this family and has been observing them for several years now. She has pitched in several times with moral and monetary support to this family. This time again, she wanted to take up the case of Harshini’s 10th class education. But, Saritha wanted to do it differently this time; the immediate help required for Harshini was beyond Saritha’s reach, so she decided to take the crowdfunding route on Goodclap.


With an able team, the cause was taken up by Goodclap and the campaign was set up in less than a day’s time, after thorough verification of the benefiting party, i.e. Harshini. The campaign with a goal amount of Rs. 35, 000, was made live at 6PM in the evening of 19th May 2018. Saritha – the campaigner, is a well networked lady, she worked her magic by sharing the campaign’s URL to her contacts asking them to contribute and voila - contribute they did. They also went a step further and shared the campaign to their contacts urging them to contribute. In this way the Rs 35, 000, was raised in record time of 6 hours. Turns out only 33% of the funds required came from Saritha’s direct contacts and the remaining 67% came from the Ripple Effect of viral sharing. Now Harshini is going to complete her 10th class and will be one step nearer to her dream of becoming a CA.

In both stories discussed above, the final beneficiaries had dreams, to create, to learn, and when they asked for help, the CROWD conspired to make their dreams a reality. That is the beauty of crowdfunding on Goodclap – be it accepting payments from anywhere in the world, be it servicing abandoned payments, be it crowdfunding for causes or innovations or talents, be it content and strategy – Goodclap has got your back. Given a chance, we will be more than happy to assist you in making YOUR DREAMS a reality.

Bhargava Sai Kiran

Bhargava Sai Kiran

Experiment-Evaluate-Evolve! Repeat - I go by this funda for anything and everything I do. Mechanical Engineer by education. Drumming hobbyist. Advertising enthusiast. Talent Champion at Goodclap!

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