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HR Footprints crowdfunds Rs. 1,00,000 on Goodclap in less than 48 hours for a cause!

That is a Rs. 1,06,000 cheque that representatives from HR Footprints Management Services Pvt. Ltd. gave to Ashreya Old Age Home!
Well what’s so special about it - you ask?
That amount was raised from 48 good hearted donors in less than 48 hours! Read on . . .

The people who think world has become a selfish place, and brotherhood is a false expectation, so on and so forth, need to revisit their thoughts soon after reading this story. It is about how the employees of HR Footprints made it possible to crowdfund an amount of Rs. 1,00,000.

HR Footprints was a week away from their 12th anniversary of embarking on their journey in the HR consulting space, they decided to celebrate it in an unfamiliar way.

The Story:

Sitting in front of their laptops at the office, engrossed in their own work, employees at HR Footprints were unaware of the fact that there was something interesting coming up.

And then comes an employee carrying the news about an old age home called Ashreya. Apparently, the old age home was in a dreadful situation and was in dire need of funds to fulfil the basic needs of people who are residing over there.
Collecting money was not the primary concern. But the fact that the people, in their 60s, 70s and 80s were struggling to lead a normal life captured everyone's attention. It was an emotional situation.

Ashreya - The Old Age Home:

Located in Miyapur, Hyderabad - Ashreya Old Age Home takes care of about 95 people, these are predominantly women aged 60 and above, who are left out by their families or had to leave their homes due to some inappropriate reasons, there are young girls too who have ran away from their homes due to uncomfortable circumstances, all these people are given a chance to rediscover their lives at this place.


This old age home not only takes care of the basic necessities of the residents, but also trains them in tailoring, embroidery works, computer education, screen printing etc.

Although Ashreya managed to function without any difficulty for 35 years, this time they were on a verge of financial crisis.


A team from HR Footprints visited the old age home, interacted with the people there, captured few photographs and decided to help them, and they chose Goodclap to crowdfund Rs. 1, 00, 000 for this cause. They choose this model as they wanted to make this effort an inclusive undertaking, and asked each of their employees to try and get Rs. 5000 from their network in a weeks’ time.



This initiative worked wonders, the employees took it upon themselves to make this happen, so they could help Ashreya get back to some stable state.

The Quick Turnout:

Once the campaign was set up after few formalities of verification and it was made live, employees at HR Footprints started sharing the campaign to their network urging their contacts to help this NGO in need. the magic started unravelling, within an hour of the campaign going live, close to ₹ 30,000 was raised. Not just that, a whopping amount close to ₹ 90,000 was donated in less than 24 hours from 40 contributors.


And everyone at the office were astonished. The remaining amount was raised in the following 2 days and the campaign was fully funded, in fact overfunded by above Rs. 10, 000, and it closed 4 days prior to its end date. This was quite a revelation to the employee and the management at HR Footprints, though they were confident about the amount being raised, the campaign reaching its goal in such quick pace was not expected.

This startling result was the outcome of the team's good work. Each and every member of the workforce aimed for the goal and put efforts for it. Sharing the campaign with their connections and also putting it up on Social media made it possible for the team to achieve the goal in less than the stipulated time.

The campaign also brought awareness among people which resulted in the donation of a rice bag weighing 50 kilograms by a kind soul to this old age home.

That's how a company successfully crowdfunded such a huge amount in a short span of time. Thanks to all the donors for their big heart and quick action. We, the team at Goodclap feel that this is one of the very exiting campaigns we worked on, and it was worth the hard work from both the teams at Goodclap and HR Footprints. The residents of Ashreya won’t have to worry for the next few months.

So, wasn’t I right about the world still having those good Samaritans? When a bunch of people decide to do something good and they have the drive to achieve it, they just do it. So did HR Footprints and its employees.

You can too!


You can check the campaign here: https://goodclap.com/supportashreyaoldagehome