Goodclap Army

Does it hurt you to see people struggling in their life?
Does it hurt you to see someone so talented go unnoticed?
Does it hurt you to see the brightest ideas not come alive?
Now that the opportunity to be a part of Goodclap Army is here, it won’t hurt you anymore.

What is Goodclap Army?

Do you often find people hovering around with an empty box in their hand asking you to donate for the orphanage?
They are usually a group of people who are trying to collect money for the orphanage and help make the lives of people at orphanage better.
They go to different places individually and collect money from different people. Eventually, all of them together collect a good amount of money and give it to the orphanage.


Goodclap Army is something like that!
You see a campaign but are unable to contribute to it due to some reason or the other. That’s when you adopt the campaign and promote it among your friends and family.
You form a small group of people called Goodclap Army and then make efforts to bring in donations for the campaign that you’ve adopted.
That’s how you do good! :D

Who can form a Goodclap Army?


You’re reading this blog about Goodclap Army which means you’re already a part of it.There is no age limit, no eligibility criteria and no rules to become a Goodclap Army.

All that it requires is a good will to do something good for someone else. And you have that.It does not matter how much money you have or what job you do. You could be a school student, a graduate or a Housewife. You can do more than you think. All you need to do is either start a campaign or adopt a campaign and raise funds for it.

Previously, on Goodclap….

● About 15 people started a campaign to raise funds for Kerala and others adopted the campaign.

● In a bid to help their colleague Nataraj, a group of employees got together and started a campaign. Promoted it in their network. Their campaign funded about 2 Lakhs Rupees and thus they were successful in saving the life of their friend who was on deathbed.

● Another company called HR Footprints started a campaign to help an old age home called Ashreya. Their campaign funded more than 1 Lakh Rupees within 3 days.

All of them formed their own army and raised funds for the cause they believed in. That’s how you form a Goodclap Army.

How does it work?

The basic process involved here in helping people is the crowdfunding process. In this process, cause is funded with the help of the crowd. Small amount of donations made by a large number of individuals results in reaching the goal amount of the campaign.


The funding happens in numerous ways. It can be through social media promotions, donors network and word of mouth. The process begins with the setting up of a campaign. Soon after the campaign is set up, it is shared online so as to get donations for the same.

As a Goodclap Army member, your task is to share the campaign across people and ask them to contribute to it. This will lessen the burden on the campaigner as he/she won’t have to raise funds for the campaign single-handedly.
Thus, this way a big task is divided into smaller portions among different people.

What do you get from this?

The law of Karma works both ways. If you’ve helped someone then someday someone else will help you too.
Besides the sense of fulfilment, there are tons of surprises in store for you! Because, we love that you want to do good!



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