Goodclap for Groups

A group of people can do wonders together.

Whether you’re a group of college friends, teachers, colleagues, institutions or anything else. You can impact the life of someone just by adopting a campaign and helping them raise funds for it.


Some of the campaigns that were successfully funded on Goodclap are

The Kerala Fund Relief Campaign by Rexnord Euroflex
Unable to see the condition of Kerala, this company started a campaign on Goodclap to raise funds for Kerala. With the help of all the employees and staff members, Rexnord was successful in crowdfunding an amount of 3,45,467 Rupees within 10 days.
Rexnord Euroflex started a campaign as a group and got it funded.

Indian School of Business got together to help Kerala!
Indian School of Business is one of the top business schools globally. It is a place that every business enthusiast wants to come for studies.
The employees of ISB came together to raise funds for Kerala and do their bit. So far, the campaign has raised 5,16,113 and counting.
They’ve rightly unleashed the power of the group.

Ashreya – The Old Age Home Campaign
Ashreya is an old age home based out of Hyderabad. This old age home has been running since ages and was in dire need of money. That’s when the employees of HR Footprints took an oath to crowdfund money for this old age home.
You won’t believe that this campaign raised 1,11,431 Rupees within 3 days. It was possible only because of the teamwork.

That’s how these people helped others as a group.

Your efforts too can make a huge impact in someone’s life.
What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!



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