I am just 1person. How can I make a great impact?

A single person possesses the power to make a great change in the society. People like Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Socrates and a few other social activists like Kailash Satyarthi, Bezwada Wilson, Sunitha Krishnamurthy etc made a major change in the society. It’s because of them that people are living a different life now.
That’s the power of an individual.


You never know whether you can do something unless you really get out there and do it in the actual sense.
The process of helping someone over Goodclap is really simple!
● Start a campaign
● Adopt a campaign
● Contribute to a campaign

You, as an individual can do good by raising funds for a campaign in the above-mentioned ways.

Few individuals started a campaign for the cause that is close to their heart and impacted lives for good.

The Nataraj Campaign
In a bid to save his friend from dying, Sharan started a campaign on Goodclap. His friend, Nataraj collapsed on the office floor and had internal bleeding in his brain. The treatment required 2 Lakh Rupees.
Although they reached out to their acquaintances, they couldn’t get enough money required for the treatment. That’s when Sharan started a campaign to raise funds online. His friend’s condition was getting worse with every passing day but somehow with his effort and the campaign’s outreach, he could successfully crowdfund an amount of 2,02,390 Rupees within 52 days. He saved a life!

The campaign to help Harshini with her studies
Harshini is a bright student but it became difficult for her to continue her studies and complete her schooling due to lack of finances. Saritha, her neighbour wanted to help her and thus she started a campaign to crowdfund the school fees of Harshini.
Harshini could write her board exams only because of Saritha as her campaign funded an amount of 36,082 Rupees which was enough to pay her school fees. She got closer to her dream of becoming a doctor.
That’s how Saritha helped an aspiring doctor who in turn is willing to serve others after realising her dream of becoming a doctor.
Their journey of changing and saving lives has already started.

Campaigns for Kerala
It was painful to see the situation of Kerala and the suffering of people over there. Not everyone could support and be there for them physically which led to people starting campaigns for Kerala individually. They set up their own campaigns and raised funds for it by sharing it with their connections. A total amount of 1,85,689 Rupees was raised through these campaigns.
The amount may seem little when compared to the damage that has happened but even small amount of contribution matters in such situations.

You have the power to single handedly start a movement that could create a paradigm shift



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