2018 : The year of Goodness!

In the last 12 months, we have experienced some wonderful, heart touching moments through the various crowdfunding campaigns on Goodclap. This year truly brought forth how the power of crowd can change lives.

1) Power of Talent
IndoSoul set out to raise funds to release their third album “2 Sides of Karma”. The adulation, the craze and the immense support garnered by their fans who contributed various amounts to support their dream was a treat to watch. IndoSoul has successfully crowdfunded their third album and have released it to their fans.


2) Power of Friendship:
Nataraj and Sharan were best friends since childhood. Tragedy stuck when Nataraj collapsed due to internal brain bleeding at his office. He is the sole earner of his family. His mother and sister sold their gold and yet they were short of an urgent 2 lakhs to afford his operation. Unable to see the plight of his best friend and his family, Sharan started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for Nataraj. Within a week, friends, acquaintances, colleagues who have known Natraj or Sharan at some point contributed and shared the campaign link virally. Complete strangers who read the story chipped in to help Nataraj live.

Fast forward to now: Nataraj has been operated successfully and is on the road to recovery thanks to Sharan and every contributor.


3) Power of Community
Kerala floods is a memory that most of us would not be able to forget soon. A tragedy of such a huge scale and so sudden. Kerala needed help and needed it fast. Clothes, medical aids and basic necessities were the main requirement. This is when we could see the community come together to chip in . Individuals started crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for Kerala. Corporates started campaigns where the employees raised funds and brought in their circles to contribute help Kerala. Within a week, close to Rs. 15,00,000 was raised on Goodclap for Kerala by all these Good Samaritans.

4) Power of Passion


Uthkarsha and Susmitha are students at AISFM. They have big dreams of creating some amazing cinema for the audience. The first step is doing a short film as one of their degree projects. Given the story and the standard at which they would like to produce the movie, they needed funds. Each of them has started a crowdfunding campaign detailing out their passion for cinema, their story. The campaigns are almost funded with a few days to go. We hope they raise 100% funds and give the audience a wonderful film to watch.


5) Power of Students
Last month, Hyderabad experienced an unusual drop in temperatures. It was way colder that the usual winters. People in Hyderabad were not prepared for this. The students of VJIM understood that the homeless and poor would be much less prepared. They aren’t yet earning members of the society and yet, they wanted to help. They wanted to buy as many blankets as they can for the homeless and distribute it. They put forth their urge to do something to help the homeless in the city and started a crowdfunding campaign. The entire VJIM community chipped in and shared the campaign across . The campaign was fully funded and has been used to buy and distribute blankets. Kudos to the students of VJIM for their social awareness and the mindset to act as change makers and spread goodness!

6) Power of Corporates
Corporates are like mini communities. Employees work together for 8 or more hours and more often than not form a community that is working towards a common goal. Extending this spirit outward, employees and management of two organisations - Rexnord and ISB raised funds to help Kerala in its time of need. Employees of Rexnord got together in groups and shared the links to their kith and kin asking them to contribute to help. The managements of Rexnord and ISB topped up the amount raised with equal amount. This is the corporate’s employee engagement at its best – To do good and help people in need!

With all these heart touching and magical moments, Goodclap is stepping into 2019 with a hope to see more of these emotions and many more moments of goodness shining throughout the world.

You can be a part of the goodness community too!! If you have a cause close to your heart and are looking for a trusted channel to contribute, Drop in your details here https://goo.gl/forms/yc05rrcciRvtkLwx2 and our team will get in touch with you!

Bhargava Sai Kiran

Bhargava Sai Kiran

Experiment-Evaluate-Evolve! Repeat - I go by this funda for anything and everything I do. Mechanical Engineer by education. Drumming hobbyist. Advertising enthusiast. Talent Champion at Goodclap!

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