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The 3 Cs of Goodness

Pira ram bishnoi - A mechanic of a small shop on national highway. He is also the savior of 1200 animals and a guardian to 600 animals.

Rippan Kapoor – A regular, middle class guy who used to earn money just for his basic needs. He is also the reason why millions of underprivileged children and people in need receive adequate care and sustenance. He is the founder of CRY, an organization that has been helping the underprivileged for the last 3 decades.

These stories have a common thread – The first two Cs – Compassion and Consistency.

These people might not have been able to create this level of impact if they were not consistent in their efforts. It wasn’t money or connections. It was compassion towards suffering and the drive to do something about it which helped them create this level of impact.

Compassion is kindness and empathy. And most of us have it. Consistency is the toughest C, but its power to create an impact is unprecedented. Consistency doesn't glare you in the face. You don't find it unless you are looking for it. It is subtle. The unprecedented impact can only be seen over time. Ask the mutual fund investors, they’ll tell you 😊

If consistent saving can do magic to your investments, consistent goodness can do magic in saving lives and changing the course of somebody’s life. CRY started with just INR 50 and today, the lives it impacts is more than 1000X times 50.

The best part about consistency is it is not "God’s gift". It is not something that comes naturally to people. It is practiced and built over time. Which basically means, with the right efforts, anyone/everyone can develop a quality that can directly impact our lives and surroundings. Each of us has the potential to create a positive impact on the society.
Potential is where the third C comes in - Crowdfunding.

How much help would INR 100 or $5 be to educate an underprivileged child or to help someone fight cancer?

The answer is, IMMENSE!

Yes, a hundred rupees given by thousands of people like you, consistently every month, towards causes you are compassionate about, can change innumerable lives. Because then, it turns into a powerful combination of the 3Cs.

Compassion. Consistency. Crowdfunding.


Goodness has always been a ripple effect that spreads virally. You just need to start it.

Let us know if you are compassionate about a cause.

We got your back for consistency. All it takes is one click. (At Goodclap, we already have a bunch of Good Samaritans doing this. They have pledged to contribute a certain amount with varying frequency (monthly, quarterly, yearly) as per their convenience towards helping the causes they are compassionate about)

We will take care of the crowdfunding, to ensure every penny and effort is directed to a genuine need.

Sita Pavani

Sita Pavani

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